Association for Christian Thoughtfulness

Bringing The Love And Hope Of God To A Dark And Devastating City

ACT trains lay counselors in churches to provide basic counseling to the vulnerable population within the churches and slum communities. The beneficiaries vary from teens struggling with the growing pains of adolescence to women facing domestic abuse and violence. The ministry also trains mental health workers to help raise awareness of common and severe mental health disorders within the community, so there are identification and treatment of such cases, helping to reduce stigma and discrimination.

ACT also works in partnership with churches and organizations to provide trauma counseling for girls and women affected by the trauma of sexual abuse and exploitation. To this end, ACT trains counselors and provides different forms of therapy by trained counselors. Their goal is to see these survivors reintegrated into society and accepted into the local church.

ACT also counsels and trains young people in schools and churches to help them focus on their goals and cope with the challenges of adolescence.