Evangelical Social Action Forum

Empowering The Poor For A Brighter Future

ESAF was founded in 1992 with the goal of helping the poor and creating a just and fair society. Through their micro-enterprise development, poor men and women receive business education and microloans to help them set up small businesses. These biblically-based enterprises help families break free from the cycle of poverty. Over their 25-year history, ESAF has assisted over 2 million clients with loan disbursements of over 66 million rupees, or over 1 million US dollars. Today ESAF has a membership base of over 1 million clients and operates 264 branches in 10 states throughout India. ESAF’s holistic approach provides funds to begin small businesses and also works with new entrepreneurs by teaching job skills, financial literacy, and developing leadership qualities.

ESAF also cares for over 1500 children in 34 child care centers. Children at ESAF centers receive a well-rounded education as well as training in skills such as computer literacy and basic gardening. Village development programs provide teacher training, improve school infrastructure, and place libraries in rural villages. ESAF also offers community health programs, advocacy and support for the disabled, flood relief, school kit distribution, and environmental awareness campaigns that promote nature conservation, access to clean water and address environmental health issues.