Fundação Baseball

Changing Lives Through Sports

In the slums of São Paulo, Brazil, children living in poverty lack access to education, are exposed to violence and abuse, and often lack a stable home environment. Many children live and work on the streets. But Fundação Baseball is making a difference for the children of São Paulo.

Fundação uses baseball to teach children about Christ and help keep at-risk children from falling through the cracks of society. As they play baseball, Fundação teaches children about the Bible and how to apply its teaching to their lives. Each week, 150 children from the favelas (slums) attend Fundação’s weekly Bible study and baseball skill training session. Children and their parents have the opportunity to learn the sport and play with their peers, helping them form safe, Christ-centered friendships with their baseball family. 

Through a special gift from Oakseed, in 2017 Fundação was able to purchase equipment to manufacture their own uniforms, gloves and other equipment. This gift has enabled them to reduce costs and allow more children to participate in the baseball program.

Fundação also offers a men’s league to help bring adults to Christ and offer a safe place for recreation.

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