Jagat Ki Jyoti

Serving The Needy In India Through The Power Of God’s Love

In Nagpur, India, over 40 percent of the population lives in the city’s 424 legal slum areas. Violence is on the rise, and many poor women and children find it difficult to get an education. But Jagat Ki Jyoti (“Light of the World”) is a light in Nagpur’s darkness. Through their work, many have come to see the light of God’s love.

Working primarily in Nagpur’s neo-Buddhist communities, Jagat Ki Jyoti has seen hundreds of lives changed by the power of the gospel. The ministry provides basic education to primary school students whose parents cannot otherwise afford to educate them. Vocational courses such as tailoring, fashion design, and basic sewing help poor women find ways to support themselves and increase their family’s income. Computer classes for beginners, families, and retail employees also help develop basic job skills. Jagat Ki Jyoti brings hope to people who are struggling to survive.