Lilies of the Valley

Rehabilitating Women Through The Love Of God

Since 1983, Lilies of the Valley has helped over 5,000 women find freedom from addiction. The ministry involves girls and women in innovative rehabilitation programs that help them break free from the bonds of drug and alcohol addiction.

Women at Lilies of the Valley receive medical care, participate in Bible study, learn basic job skills such as baking and sewing, and work in the Rehabilitation Center garden that helps provide food for the program.

The 240 women who participate in the program each year fill their days with Bible study, baking lessons, and craft projects. Program participants use the bread from the classes as food for the program and sell their crafts, providing them with a small source of income.

Lilies of the Valley emphasizes spirituality in their treatment programs, believing only an encounter with Jesus can truly free addicts from their spiritual and physical prisons.