Oakseed Ministries International Headquarters

Assisting Indigenous Ministries through Prayer, Support, and Training

Oakseed Ministries International assists indigenous ministries which serve abandoned children and the poor in the world’s largest megacities, supporting Ministry Partners through prayer, support, and training. At their headquarters, Oakseed produces monthly prayer guides and children’s prayer guides to engage supporters in praying for ministry partners. Oakseed keeps supporters and friends informed about ministry partners through email, newsletters, and social media updates. Oakseed also provides resources to churches for the Annual Day of Prayer and this Bazaar Gift Catalog, engaging churches and congregations in praying for the world’s poor and those who serve among them.

Oakseed Ministry Liaisons are a vital part of Oakseed’s mission. Oakseed Ministry Liaisons are each responsible for a different area of the world and make regular visits to ministry partners to learn what they are doing, provide training and resources, and encourage those who are on the frontlines of ministry to the world’s poor. Ministry liaisons also help identify potential ministries Oakseed may be able to partner with for future ministry.