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Seeing Lives Transformed Forever

In Costa Rica, poverty is a way of life for 1.1 million citizens. One out of four children lives below the poverty line. Roughly 280,000 children are not regularly attending school. Many children between the ages of 5-14 work to contribute to their family’ s income. Most of these children work in the fields, selling goods on the streets, or working in the homes of family members. Due to the rising cost of commodities plus a large unemployment rate, many families are forced to live in the slums. There are approximately 36,000 children living on the streets due to being orphaned or from running away. Being on the streets leaves children vulnerable and open tothe local drug cartels, and gangs to prey upon them leaving countless cases of violence and sexual abuse in the form of pornography, human trafficking, and prostitution. Orphaned girls are huge prey for the sex trade. The child sex industry is a major issue in Costa Rica as well as the HIV/aids disease which runs rampant. Roblealto (Tall Oak) Child Care Association became a light to help these children.