South Mumbai Centre (Valley of Praise)

From The Dark Streets To The All-Encompassing Salvation Of Jesus Christ

South Mumbai Centre (Valley of Praise) operates three ministry centers in Mumbai’s slums and red-light districts, offering hope to the poor, middle class, and those living with HIV/AIDS. Through education, social support, and spiritual care, South Mumbai Centre sees lives transformed by God’s saving power.

South Mumbai Centre (Valley of Praise) meets educational needs by helping pay tuition, providing school supplies, distributing educational books, and offering career counseling to students who are exploring future options. The ministry also offers social support such as organizing family and youth camps, providing personal and family counseling, assisting with food and medical expenses, and providing opportunities for children to explore music and sports.

Bible studies, church services, spiritual retreats, worship training, and Bible and literature distribution help the ministry share the gospel. Their goal is to bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus so they may live lives transformed by Christ’s power.