Teen Ministry

Teaching Vulnerable Girls to Find Their Identity in Christ

Teen Ministry works within the garbage cities of Cairo, Egypt. The people who live in the garbage areas support themselves by sorting through piles of garbage for recyclables and items they can sell. Hygiene and sanitation are constant problems, and the culture in these areas is highly tribal and prone to violence and revenge.

Girls living in Cairo’s garbage cities are particularly vulnerable. They lack access to education, hygiene, medical care, and the necessities of life. Many are emotionally, physically, and sexually abused. Teen Ministry works with these young women, helping them to understand their value as daughters of God. Teen Ministry provides educational opportunities, teaches the girls about hygiene, and provides basic medical and dental care. Volunteers teach crafts and handiwork, and Teen Ministry also offers language and computer classes as well as opportunities for girls to participate in music and sports. By using the Bible as a primary tool in education, Teen Ministry helps these young women learn to accept and live out of the reality of their new identity in Christ. Since the ministry began in 2000, Teen Ministry has assisted over 5,000 girls and young women. Some of Teen Ministry’s graduates now serve on ministry staff, helping other girls learn to share Christ’s light.

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