Children's Toiletry Kit

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Ministry Partner: Mosoj Yan

Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia

Mosoj Yan, translated “New Way” from Quechua, seeks to educate and minister to girls who live and work on Cochabamba’s streets. Older girls earn their living selling products on the street; younger girls still attend public school in the slums. Mosoj Yan provides these young girls a “new way” through counseling, job skill training, and a tutoring center. The Restoration Home teaches girls to live with regular routines of home life as they undergo rehabilitation. Mosoj Yan seeks to rescue girls who have fallen on hard times, many who have young babies, by providing help holistically in physical and spiritual recovery.

Your gift of a Children's Toiletry Kit will be greatly appreciated by the children at Mosoj Yan.

Mario Iriarte is the executive director.

Oakseed Ministries Partner since 2000.