Gifts for an Expectant Mother

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Ministry Partner: SACDEM

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

SACDEM ministers to those marginalized in two segments of society: the mentally ill who are institutionalized, and men and women in 32 federal prisons. Director Daniel Ruffinati was appointed in 2012 as the head of all Protestant chaplains in Argentina’s federal prisons. They lead weekly Bible studies, intensively disciple women and men in the institutions, carry out loving evangelism, and help in obtaining legal assistance. SACDEM also cares for children of female prisoners who can live in prison with their mothers until age 4, and partners with churches to minister to federal prisoners in their local federal prison. 

Your gift of support resources for the prison's maternity wing will be a blessing to incarcerated mothers and their children.

The directors are Daniel and Maria Elena Ruffinati.

Oakseed Ministries Partner since 1998.