JEAME Staff Retreat

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Ministry Partner: Ministério JEAME

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

JEAME, for 30 years, has brought the Gospel to kids living on the streets of Sao Paulo.
They also minister in the youth prisons (Febem), which houses many formerly drug-addicted
youth awaiting trial. A drop-in center, located in the city center, provides a safe
haven for street children in dangerous situations, hot meals, showers, and educational
instruction. JEAME has many outreach programs including Bible studies, street
evangelism, counseling, music, and drama. 

Your gift of a Staff Retreat will provide a time of rest and encouragement for the volunteers of Ministério JEAME who work tirelessly to minister to the youth.

Ms. Regina Meire Do Nascimento is the director.

Oakseed Ministries Partner since 1994.